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Need a quick overview of how the tool works?

Facebook only shows you 25 suggested interests but hides the rest...

Our Audience Finder uses Facebook's marketing API to show you hundreds of hidden, targetable interests based on your keyword.

...But why should you care?

If every dropshipper is targeting the same audience your competition sky rockets 🚀.
Not only that, but increased competition means higher ad bids and increase ad costs.

...Great for Facebook, but not for you. 👎🏻

Here's what Ads Manager will show you...

And here's what AdIntelligence will...

Ready for a Competitive Edge?

Discover interests you never even knew existed. Outsmart other advertisers. Enjoy less competition and increased ROAS.

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Meet the AdIntelligence Team

Eric Smith
Ex-Facebook Engineer and CEO
of Niche Scraper
David Yeung
Microsoft Engineer and CEO
of AdIntelligence