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In order to analyze your ads, we need to sync with Facebook.
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Getting Started
Need a quick overview of how the tool works?

Discover exactly which interests are working

Facebook has a secret API which allows you to breakdown the performance of each individual interest you are targeting... 😯

  • ✅ No more split-testing.
  • ✅ No more guessing.
  • ✅ More efficient campaigns.

You'll be able to see which interest are giving you the best CPC, CTR and SALES.

This allows you to remove the interests that are wasting your budget...
and focus on the ones that work.

Simply Select a Running Ad...

...And Find The Winning Interests

Ready for a Competitive Edge?

Discover insights not available in Ads Manager. Spend more money on audiences that are working, and less on audiences that aren't.

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