Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Ad Intelligence?

Ad Intelligence is a collection of tools to increase your ad marketing strategy and improve your sales. With our automated services, we bring all the information necessary to promote actual growth to your ecommerce business

Is it available in my country?

Yes! We're available worldwide however we currently only support English.

I have a question/comment, where can I contact someone?

Check out our contact page. We're always looking for feedback or ways to improve our tools!

How much does Ad Intelligence cost?

The cost of Ad Intelligence varies between the subscription models we provide. Check out our pricing page for more information


Where are the likes and comments?

Unfortunately since the Facebook™ Ads Library does not show comments and likes information, we are unable to collect this data.

How do you find these ads?

These ads are all public using the Facebook™ Ads Library. We simply make the process of searching, filtering, and discovering hundreds of Ads easier.

Why can't I play video ads?

Facebook™ does not allowing external streaming of videos taken from the Ads Library, which is why you are redirected to their original page to play the video.

How often is the data updated?

All the ads are updated daily to make sure you can stay up to date with your competitors.


Do you have an affiliate program?

Currently our affiliate program is in beta. You can check it out here!